We asked the General Manager of Savenor’s, Christoper Walker, to explain a little about the various cuts of beef that are best for steak in the following video.

I sourced the Filet Mignon that I used in the Second Valentine’s dinner recipe from Savenor’s Butcher and Market, the premier butcher in the Boston area.  Savenor’s is more than just a butcher shop since they source much of their meats from exclusive farms that meet their high standards.  It can be hard to find Prime rated beef in many grocery chains, and even then, you may not be getting the very best grass-fed beef. 

If your not fortunate to have a good butcher near home, Savenor’s will ship anywhere in the country.  To order, just contact them on the phone, speak to one of their knowledgeable staff that will help you select the item that will best suit your needs.

Often I find that the Filet Mignon in a regular grocery chain is cut somewhat thin, especially since they are usually expensive per pound.  I like something cut a little thicker so that I can get a good crust on the beef from the hot pan, which can take a few minutes, while still keeping the doneness to around a medium-rare.


Savenor’s Butcher & Market

Telephone:  (617) 576-6328