Gourmet Foods

Are you a meat eater? Need some guilty pleasures in your diet from time to time? Do you like the intense flavors that only well-spiced, fresh meat can provide?

This book is for you. R.P. Kis’s purpose in writing “Fresh From The Butcher” was to inspire people to eat something out of the ordinary and trendy. With the market dominated by paleo diet and vegan meals, good meat dishes can be hard to find. His mission as a chef and butcher is to provide people with delicious, meaty delicacies for special occasions, perfect for weekend meals, and family gatherings. These are the meals that elevate a family kitchen to the next level. The history of the dishes in the book date back to the nomadic lifestyle of the Hungarian Empire. Each dish has a special historical background story giving the cook an intriguing pocket tale to start the gathering with. What makes this book truly special is each meal in the book (soup, appetizer or main dish) has meat in it. R.P. Kis’s suggestion is to get the meat fresh from the butcher to make it even more appetizing.