It comes to mind that we could use some laughs this winter. Some good belly laughs at the absurdity of mankind. Genius is taking life in hand and having a good time. Not at anyone’s expense but rather laughing at ourselves… which is what we generally laugh at. Peace in Laughter.

Our prescription for 2022 is to laugh, love, and live, bring peace to your soul and help others to laugh. At times when we are surrounded by misery, it’s good to just have a laugh, embrace farce, and just let it go. You can help a tragedy by at least having a private moment of laughter, not at others’ expense, but rather at how freakin’ crazy we can be about the silliest of things. So, just laugh at it all…not a lot has changed on planet Earth, and it’s your right to not take every single thing too seriously.

Here’s a playlist of songs that are meant to make you crack a smile and laugh, yes, there is some profanity in this playlist, but since we begin as intend to go, it’s kind of guaranteed that 2022 could suck the most of the 2020s. I’m not a pessimist, just a gleeful pragmatist. Sing out loud!