For generations fathers have been singing to their children. Every #fathersday I remember the songs my father would sing to me. A tune he had picked up along his travels that he thought was perfect for the occasion. Sometimes, it was with drink and friends, and sometimes a lullaby in a moment of true love. Fathers are often surprised at their sudden fatherhood and the behavior it brings as you celebrate your child, wife/husband, and family in an epiphany of joy. All kinds of singing is involved. Hit tunes during a diaper change, between gagging fits. Road songs, radio sing-alongs, and God forbid, karaoke! I remember many of these songs from those days, and I’ve enjoyed listening to my friends choices over the years, both young and old. Like a collection, a view into Americana across the centuries, but not to far back.

This 100 song collection ranges from the deeply sentiment to the ridiculous, as dads do. So many songs pass generation to generation that even their original meaning can be lost. Popular songs, war songs, kids songs, and dance songs occupy our social nature and create positive, thoughtful, connects from one person to the next and dad is rather silly. Bless his soul. So, please enjoy these memories, lists, and contributions to my list of Daddy songs. Tell me your favorite dad song?

Dedicated to my father Jon McKesson, thanks for the music and keep kickin’ so I can come see ya.