Woven Seagrass Plates with Parchment Liners

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Woven Seagrass Plates with Parchment Liners

From Plate & Pattern


Plate & Pattern understands people want to serve with both style and ease. This plate set is a great gift for customers that will appreciate stylish and environmentally friendly table décor.  Either indoors or outdoors, the tableware will update the look of their table setting, and provide easy cleanup after hosting an event. In addition to these woven seagrass plates, the company also offers a galvanized steel version that is used with compostable parchment paper liners designed in various patterns. A sturdy, attractive solution that is also environmentally friendly!


Set of 4 woven seagrass plates: $60

Set of 4 galvanized metal plates: $50

Set of 100 white parchment paper liners: $22

Set of 50 designed parchment paper liners: $18


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December 1, 2021

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