The Botanical Jam Experience

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The Botanical Jam Experience

From Blake Hill Preserves

Give your sweety some sweets of a different kind.  Good Food Award-winning botanical jam selection with flavor profiles you likely have never experienced before but will be a delight with every bite.

Gooseberry with Elderflower

Elegantly aromatic wild elderflowers foraged from woodland edges near Blake Hill are infused with tart Vermont gooseberries to create one of the most beloved jam varieties in England. A perfect jam for baked goods and delicious served over creamy vanilla ice cream!


Raspberry with Wild Bergamot

An award-winning creation from the Wild Bergamot flowers flourishing in the Gardens at Blake Hill. Also known as bee balm, this stunning flower was originally used by Native Americans as a lightly floral, peppery tea and Blake Hill has innovatively infused this incredible companion flavor with fruity, bright, and tart raspberries.

Strawberry with Wild Rose

Our SOFI winning jam is inspired by the wild Jacobite roses growing at Blake Hill.  Planted by early settlers to this quintessential Vermont village, this hardy rose produces the most incredibly aromatic flowers perfect for infusion with sweet summer strawberries.  This exquisite jam is decadent served with the finest pastries and fresh triple crème cheese.

SOFI judges: “just a glorious jam”, “beautifully balanced rose” flavor, “very polished execution”.

Wild Blueberry with Lavender

Wild blueberries are cooked in house-made lavender-infused syrup to create a very special botanical jam that balances the flavors of the finest tart berries with a heady aromatic finish for a very refined jam.

Rhubarb with Dandelion & Honey

Inspired by the fresh, grassy aromas in the early Vermont spring air at Blake Hill, a luscious jam with a perfect balance of sweet+tart and nuanced floral, honey notes. Featuring tender rhubarb shoots, an infusion of spring dandelions, and fragrant wildflower honey. Delicious served with mild cheddar and over homemade apple pie or ice cream.

Black Currant with Wild Mint

Black currants and their intricate blend of tart, sweet, and extremely fruity flavors are perfectly paired with the cooling taste of fresh, wild mint growing in the meadows around Blake Hill Farm. This jam is a versatile gem, elevating many desserts with its incredibly fruity taste and luscious texture, as well as a super fruity accompaniment for venison and duck. 

About the Botanical Collection…

At the very heart of this most exquisite range of jams are the wild edible flowers foraged from the Vermont meadows surrounding Blake Hill providing a unique taste of terroir.  The company believes creativity and their obsessive attention to detail are at their most exacting with the special infusion techniques developed in Blake Hill’s Kitchen to capture the freshness of these wildflowers in some very special jams. With some gorgeously crafted design on every jar created by their in-house artist, their joy in preserve making and a serious focus on flavor is at its very best in this special collection of botanical jams and it shows.

MSRP:  $52.99


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February 1, 2021

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