Concierge Fully Automatic Bean To Cup Espresso Machine

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Concierge Fully Automatic Bean To Cup Espresso Machine

From Espressione USA

The Concierge from Espressione is an excellent fully automatic espresso machine with a relatively small form factor and a very affordable price. This espresso machine will make your favorite espresso or coffee beverage easily with a simple touch. The extremely compact machine with a width of only 7 inches, will easily find a place in the home office, the smallest of city kitchens, or any office appliance room. The astonishingly fast thermoblock heating system creates the first drop of coffee in just 22 seconds from the standby position, making you feel like an at-home barista in a matter of seconds.  The adjustable coffee spout is able to accommodate any size cup, including travel mugs. The adjustable steam nozzle can be used for frothing milk to create the perfect cappuccino or macchiato. #expressyourself!

MSRP:  $599.99


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December 1, 2021

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