Altitude Matters Decanter

From Riedel

The brilliantly modern Altitude Matters Decanter presents a classic handmade Riedel design with a new twist: the profile of the Kaiser Mountains in Tyrol, Austria.

This stunning mountain range has been the backdrop of nearly the last decade of history for the Riedel family, only a short drive from the Riedel Head Office and handmade factory. Fittingly, this profile sits with a redesign of the Tyrol decanter, which debuted in 2007 to commemorate the family rebuilding their dynasty in Tyrol following WWII. 

Slightly smaller than the original Tyrol, the eye-catching shape of this decanter makes it ideal for younger wines. Its wide base ensures optimum aeration while the angled lip guarantees an easy pour.

MSRP:  $525


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December 1, 2021

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