Christmas Time Karaoke!

Christmas Time Karaoke!

It's time to forget 2021 and move on to the future, but in this brief moment between the end and beginning it is great to take some time, get past the mockery of Uncle Leon, and sing in the Christmas Season. So, gather together anytime and sing a few good ol'...

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Spotlight on Comedy

Yeah, it’s time to laugh. It is clear that 2022 is going to require a sense of humor. So, let’s focus on laughter, it takes seconds to review the same old news, but laughter is timeless. If you’re a COVID safe city, see some stand-up, take in a show, or just stay home comfy and warm and laugh at home. There’s only a million specials on your favorite service or YouTube. Don’t cry out loud…laugh at it all in its absurdity. 

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