I am an avid cyclist, and I love stroopwafels because they are a portable snack that has some calories (not too much only about 120 calories each) that can be consumed while riding the bike.  For this reason, stroopwafels are a “thing” in the cycling community.  I even seem to recall that one of the big brands even sponsors the Cyclocross racing series in the Netherlands, which is a big-time sport there. 

The stroopwafels I am enjoying today come from a company founded here in the USA called Finger Licking Dutch, which makes these stroopwafels in Holland.  The company is co-founded by John Bronson, former NFL football player on the Phoenix Cardinals, and his wife Femke Veelenturf who hails from the Netherlands.

The traditional way to eat stroopwafels is to put the wafel over a warm cup of coffee, which will warm up the caramel between the layers, and give it a nice texture.  Sometimes I prefer a nice cup of hot chocolate instead of coffee, which together with a stroopwafel, is a decadent treat.  Numi, a company that is well known by tea drinkers, recently introduced sipping chocolate.  It is really very good, and worth a try if you like chocolate.

Over the winter, I joined a few friends for a cold MTB ride in the snow.  Typically, we consume some beer post ride to give us some instant calories, as well as the enjoyable taste of a microbrew.  But, in sub freezing temperatures, cold beer doesn’t become nearly as exciting.  So one of our friends treated us to hot chocolate that was “spiked” with an alcohol.  I love hot chocolate with Baileys Irish Cream, but this tasted different.  It turns out that Ben’s secret ingredient is peanut butter flavored whiskey.  It just turns out that Porter’s Whiskey from Utah recently released a peanut butter flavored whiskey, so I was eager to get a hold of a butter so I could have some cooking fun.