In the days of quarantine preparing dinner must not become a rut. We need to infuse some atmosphere and spirit into the affair. Fun for you, fun for the family or roommates depending on your situation.

It is important to make meal preparation a sensual experience. The washing up, the clean of the vegetables, and even the slicing and dicing. The right music can help that along, plus it might engage other members of the household to join in. Of course, if you’re a solo act, the more important it is to make the ritual fun and divertive.

There are many types of music to choose from, classical, rock, jazz, or hip-hop, whatever elevates your mood and brings some zip to your soul. The best meals have that touch of love. A good soundtrack can also bring your meal into focus. It is hard to know what to make and sometimes a playlist can help inspire you.

Now that we’re cooking from home more frequently, you might as well get in the groove and make the highlight of your day.

Here’s a sample playlist to get you started sponsored by Casas de Hualdo: