I was fortunate enough to travel to Switzerland when I was young, and I quickly discovered the fantastic cheese dishes that feature the fantastic mountain cheeses made locally.  Raclette was one of those dishes, which incorporated a plate of meats and vegetables with melted Swiss cheese ladled over the top…its heaven on a plate.  Here in America, Raclette was very difficult to find, and only available at a select few specialty cheese stores.

Recently, Mifroma changed all of that by introducing sliced Raclette in 3 different varieties:  Traditional, Smoked, and Black Truffle.  Mifroma has been making exceptional cheeses in Switzerland for centuries, this latest product is excellent for use in traditional Raclette, as well as grilled cheese sandwiches.

I use an actual Raclette table service set that is sold by Swissmar Imports that imports a number of products from Switzerland.  The Raclette set includes an electric heating element that you place a plate on top of to cook or warm your beef and vegetables.  Meanwhile, the same heating element is melting the Raclette cheese in the vessel below.  It’s a great meal for a large gathering since you can have 8 small servings of Raclette ready to serve at one time.  I usually serve some sliced steak or sausage, potatoes, and vegetables like asparagus or broccoli.  It’s a complete and satisfying meal.

If you don’t want to invest in a Raclette set, then you can melt the cheese in a small non-stick frypan and pour over the top of a plate of meat, potato, and vegetable.