2020 is finally done…yet so much of 2021 is about rebuilding our human connections. We’ve learned a lot in confinement, most importantly that there is more to us than our careers or that we are our careers. Being self-reliant has become an artform in quarantine and now we must find and spread inspiration and love for the strength we have gained to care about our futures.

Musical inspiration helps to bridge the gaps between people, moods, fears, and easy life problems. Stress cannot be a weight-loss or health plan, it can play no part in our current zeitgeist. We must replace stress with creativity and inspiration. First with yourself, then with your friends, share your favorite uplifting media, everyone knows too well the pain they already feel. So, offer a ray of sunshine, sage wisdom, deep musical inspiration, or just favorite hit songs. For centuries artists have been trying to make us feel better, or at least share the pain. There are no sides to a good tune…they are forever.