Since the time many of us were wee, we’d go out and get the latest news, gossip, and stories of the next great monster movie and stories from the movies of the past. Today, this happens primarily through YouTube, but there are still some of us who just revel in the sheer horror of the music from the monster, zombie, alien, sci-fi, and vampire movies. I remember the movie and I remember the chill it gave me. Sometimes the imagination can scare you more.

As a child, I’d sing the soundtracks while I’d imagine my horror movies, the slow brooding tunes versus the all-out horror of a monster jump scare written into the music as opposed to a sound effect. Today, some of the greatest soundtracks are through-composed tapestries of sound from 8 bit to your usual full orchestra with a produced synth or just the magic of a complete 80’s style synth carnival of insanity.

As long as it creeps and chills…and even cringes, I’m all in for sound scares, spookiness, and suspenseful tunes to keep me in the Halloween Spirit until next year.

Below is a great book of spooky stories from Author and Screenplay Writer: Carl V. Dupre.