I’ve never been more thankful in my life! Have you? It may be hard to find those events or moments but in the cracks of our shared consciousness of 2021, there were beautiful moments that were truly memorable and worth giving thanks for even if you have no religion at all. Luckily, we soldier on embracing our friends, families, and even strangers, we all yearn for kindness, generosity, and a little bit of love.

I tried to make a playlist for everyone in the family with some hits of the Holidays to come. There’s no doubt this year was as bittersweet as 2020, but slowly there is a coming together, in music, in literature, in art, and in how we choose to live. When you have a moment of blissful nostalgia or a good old happy memory, hang onto it and remember the past and future with an equal measure for good and bad, for you are extraordinary and despite our worst moments the world is still a magical place!