Since the age of cassettes and CDs, it has been a tradition of mine to make a “Big Gay Playlist” every year. I love to look at Queer History through music and it has always represented the cutting edge of history. Pride was not always a thing or a way to express yourself as an LGBTQ+ person. Secret lives, coming out, and being yourself evolved through art, music, literature over centuries with turns for the worse and the sometimes better. In recent history, even current, more artists have let “tongue and cheek” go and allowed themselves to present their real lives in lyrics and song. A process I love to document with amazing highlights including great hits and thoughtful choices to shed light on the creation of Pride and the continual need for it.

This playlist follows classical composers to Top 40 artists, both LGBTQ+ and their supporters. Queer history is there to bring comfort, support, and love for the diversity of gender. Today, each individual must stand up for their gender in social media, memes, and influential videos. Music and community dialogs have become the support for new generations online finding their way in a social sphere that contests the very existence of queer folk.

In honor of the “Born This Way” generation, I created a playlist for the generations to learn from each other and learn the new narratives in the upcoming youth. I have to admit, that I usually learn the most looking at my own community through music.

Spotify Playlist

YouTube Video List