Choosing vocal music with dinner is a tricky thing. If you have guests you want it to be thoughtful and inclusive of all tastes and if it is just you and your beloved you might want a touch of romance. Too much of one genre can be disturbing or fall into the background as a little dull. So, I like to recommend looking at it from the perspective of great singing in a sentimental vein without worrying about genre.

This is where the glory of the Diva comes into play. Divas come in all types in the 21st Century. Divas used to be solely the propriety of the opera stage, but the world has come to embrace the fierce vocal talent of women no matter what genre they sing. A true Diva can sing any type of music and bring us to emotions and memory in a single phrase. A nice set of familiar songs, arias, and even show tunes can make for a nice accompaniment to your evening meal and inspire conversation.

Here are some of my favorites for you to consider what your list might be. Never be afraid to mix genres or just choose your personal preferences by occasion or guests. Just let your memory roam and have fun.