It’s time to forget 2021 and move on to the future, but in this brief moment between the end and beginning it is great to take some time, get past the mockery of Uncle Leon, and sing in the Christmas Season. So, gather together anytime and sing a few good ol’ Christmas songs. Sing with your roommate, sing with your beloved, sing with your kids, sing with your friends. Turn off the news, and just be, family grouches and all, and belt out a few tunes.

At Mulange we want you to enjoy the spirit of the season. Try to forget your differences and magnify friendship, some bad harmony, and let the smiles and laughter reign, especially at your own expense. We’re all grown up now and there’s no point in holding a grudge into the new year. Let it go! Sing as if were a child but enjoy it with the wisdom of the world.

Happy Holidays!