When we say, “live life deliciously” we aren’t kidding, we want all the best for you! Something we found we had in common with our #MemorialDay sponsor Casa M Spice. The founders Dr. Mike & Manny Hernandez wanted to share their passion for spices, and spice combinations. Dr. Mike, having a Ph.D. in Chemical Physics, felt he had the background to fuse remarkable flavors in spices for original flavors. Mike & Manny discovered a Mayan chef named Maria Felipa de Jesus Pool Chale who introduced them to the “Chile Seco” which became the foundation of their combined efforts to make brilliant flavorings for friends and neighbors, and now for you with their amazing line of flavors.

One of our parts in this partnership to fuse their spice talent with our musical talent and make a truly unique “Rockin BBQ” Playlist. Every BBQ, party, or family gathering needs some motivation to rock out, relax, and enjoy the world together. Let this playlist be your igniter for hanging by the grill this Memorial Day Weekend with some of your favorite rock classics. Live life deliciously this Holiday!