America’s history is deep with song, music, and passion that lay in the founding of the country and the manifest destiny that bore a nation. Built by the people and their efforts to construct a nation for all. Folk songs from our melting pot of over three hundred years we still sing today. Although music is the cutting edge of history, some lessons we learn over and over again. History, like a good tune, has a tendency to repeat itself and every time it gets modified, improved, sometimes we don’t like the new version and sometimes we love it. The one common denominator is that all the people of the United States have contributed to our American Music History and it continues today, especially on the fourth of July when we look back at our history; the good, the bad, and the amazing.

This playlist has music from all kinds of ethnic groups that made America great. Music from the beginning of our history through all our trials and tribulations in folk songs, hymns, ballads, work songs, singer-songwriters, stars, and those with passion to share. I Love our country, yes, it can be hard sometimes, but defining “Freedom” has many definitions and together we will learn what it ultimately means for all. Happy Independence Day! We wish you joy in your bounty. Peace.