Controversy and drama have revolved around Marijuana/Cannabis in the USA since the 1920s when cheap hemp oil products first came into competition with “Big Oil” as it was, building around Henry Ford’s Model-T and Rudolph Diesel’s engine for which he intended to use Cannabis as fuel for his engines dating back to 1896 because it was superior to petroleum.

For thousands of years, some believe, at the end of the last ice age. Hemp was the primary crop for civilizations from China to the Red Sea for rope, cloth, oil, food, and of course, getting high. Hemp had many stories throughout history that showed it was germane to civilization, even for Henry the VIII fining farmers who did not grow Cannabis for sails, ropes, and everything nautical. If not for Hemp there may have never been sea travel to the extent that we did, good or evil.

Now that sense has finally come to some, hemp is returning to its role as the greatest fiber, material, oil, health, and recreational plant of civilization in total. New products that last, more than cotton, oil, and are renewable in the best way. The health benefits alone make the manufacture of recreational goodies a salvation for many afflicted by chronic diseases, mental illness, and PTSD that “big pharma” can only throw opioids at.

So, in celebration of the classical use of hemp, I thought I would roll together with traditional and non-traditional artists with some baroque ideas, with which to celebrate the return of good ol’ Marijuana! Happy 4/20!